Which Colleges Make the Best Neighbors?

October 12, 2009
Penn is named a No. 1 “Best Neighbor” university for its interaction with the community.
Article Source: New York Times

Penn and Southern Cal Top Ranking of Good-Neighbor Colleges

October 12, 2009
Penn is honored for its community-building with a No. 1 “Best Neighbor” ranking.

America's Greenest Colleges

October 8, 2009
Penn receives an “A-” rating for its green initiatives.
Article Source: Forbes

New Programs

October 8, 2009
Penn’s first-of-its-kind market and social systems engineering undergraduate program is cited.
Article Source: Inside Higher Ed

Area Campuses Turning Green in Many Ways

October 7, 2009
Some of Penn’s green initiatives are highlighted.
Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Green Report Card 2010

October 7, 2009
Penn receives an “A-” for its efforts to “go green.”
Article Source: Greenreportcard.org

Penn Sets Its Taste Buds for Local Produce

October 6, 2009
Vice President Marie Witt of Business Services cites President Amy Gutmann and the University as a leader in green initiatives as Penn’s “Eat Local Challenge” is featured.
Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Campus Access Varies Widely

October 6, 2009
Penn is cited for its visitor-friendly campus.
Article Source: New York Times

Eat Local Challenge Takes Over Univ. of Penn Classroom

September 30, 2009
Marie Witt of Business Services discusses Penn’s Eat Local Challenge.
Article Source: KYW Radio (Philadelphia)

Video: Best Colleges

September 28, 2009
A Penn student tours the campus and discusses life at Penn.
Article Source: U.S. News & World Report