Penn Scientist’s Vaccine Shows Promise Against Early Form of Breast Cancer

November 25, 2010

Brian J. Czerniecki and Gary K. Koski of the School of Medicine are featured for their experimental vaccine to treat early-stage breast cancer.

Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
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Media Contact:Kim Menard | kim.menard@uphs.upenn.edu | 215-662-6183 November 29, 2010

First Blood Test to Determine Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson’s Disease Developed at Penn

PHILADELPHIA –Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine’s Udall Center for Parkinson's Research have developed the first blood-based biomarker test to predict cognitive decline in Parkinson’s disease (PD). If results can be replicated and standardized in other Parkinson patients, by other investigators, the test could be a useful tool to use in selecting patients for the development of new drugs that can slow or prevent this complication of the disease.

‘Presumed Consent’ May Reduce Living Kidney Donors

November 28, 2010

Arthur Caplan of the School of Medicine weighs in on the discussion of presumed-consent policies for organ donations.


Article Source: MSNBC
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Media Contact:Karen Kreeger | karen.kreeger@uphs.upenn.edu | 215-349-5658November 29, 2010

Color-Changing “Blast Badge” Detects Exposure to Explosive Shock Waves

PHILADELPHIA - Mimicking the reflective iridescence of a butterfly's wing, investigators at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have developed a color-changing patch that could be worn on soldiers' helmets and uniforms to indicate the strength of exposure to blasts from explosives in the field.

Darvon Pulled From Market by F.D.A.

November 19, 2010

John T. Farrar of the School of Medicine comments on a drug being pulled from the market.

Article Source: New York Times

Lawsuit Adds Heat to ‘Stop and Frisk’ Controversy

November 11, 2010

Chad Dion Lassiter of the School of Social Policy and Practice suggests that ‘stop and frisk’ has not been successful in crime fighting.

Article Source: Philadelphia Tribune

Stem-Cell Pioneer Says Clear Law Is Needed

November 22, 2010

John Gearhart of the School of Medicine comments on federal funding of stem-cell research.

Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Experts on Aging: Stay Fit After 65 to Live Longer, Better

November 21, 2010

Kathryn Schmitz of the School of Medicine discusses her research on the benefits of exercise for patients undergoing cancer treatments.

Article Source: USA Today

An Older Scourge

November 22, 2010

Cynthia Connolly of the School of Nursing comments and is cited for her book, “Saving Sickly Children: The Tuberculosis Preventorium in American Life, 1909-1970.”

Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Q&A: Ethics Chair on Synthetic Biology

November 19, 2010

President Amy Gutmann is interviewed as chair of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues.

Article Source: The Scientist