Cassidy: Silicon Valley’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Takes on World’s Vexing Problems

April 28, 2011

Harvey Rubin of the School of Medicine and the Institute for Strategic Threat Analysis and Response is cited for launching a project to help keep lifesaving vaccines cool in order to stay effective.

Article Source: San Jose Mercury News
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Media Contact:Karen Kreeger | karen.kreeger@uphs.upenn.edu | 215-349-5658April 29, 2011

NIH Director Francis Collins to Join Penn Celebration Dedicating Translational Research Center

PHILADELPHIA – National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Francis Collins, MD, PhD, will join Penn scientists and physicians in celebrating the opening of the new Translational Research Center (TRC) Tuesday. The TRC is the first medical research building on the Penn campus - and one of the first anywhere - to be physically integrated into facilities for patient care, namely the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine and the Roberts Proton Therapy Center. Dr.

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Media Contact:Holly Auer | holly.auer@uphs.upenn.edu | 215-349-5659 April 29, 2011

Penn Study: Black Cardiac Arrest Patients More Apt to Be Admitted to Hospitals With Lowest Survival Rates

PHILADELPHIA – Black cardiac arrest victims are more likely to die when they’re treated in hospitals that care for a large black population than when they’re brought to hospitals with a greater proportion of white patients, according to new research from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. The study is published in the April issue of the American Heart Journal.

A Company’s Two Drugs – at Way Different Price Points – Tied in a Study on Treating Macular Degeneration

April 29, 2011

Maureen Maguire of the School of Medicine helps lead a national study comparing two macular-degeneration drugs.

Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
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Media Contact:Jessica Mikulski | jessica.mikulski@uphs.upenn.edu | 215-349-8369April 28, 2011

National Trial Shows Equal Efficacy of Two Medications Used to Treat Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a disease that damages the retina and can destroy central vision, affects approximately 1.6 million Americans. For the past five years, there has been active debate over treatment options for AMD patients because ophthalmologists have not had accurate data regarding the true efficacy of the most commonly used medication.

Death Rates Among People With High Blood Pressure Falling

April 25, 2011

Donald LaVan of the School of Medicine is interviewed about changing diets in order to reduce high blood pressure.

Article Source: U.S. News & World Report

Video: Sleep Well and Look 20 Years Younger

April 27, 2011

Ronald Kotler of the School of Medicine discusses improving sleeping habits.

Article Source: Oprah.com

Video: Convicted Rapist Kenneth Pike Turns Down Heart Transplant

April 26, 2011

Arthur Caplan of the School of Medicine discusses transplant centers’ right to turn away patients.

Article Source: ABC News
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Media Contact:Karen Kreeger | karen.kreeger@uphs.upenn.edu | 215-349-5658April 27, 2011

Studies of Mutated Protein in Lou Gehrig’s Disease Reveal Paths for Drug Discovery, Penn Study Suggests

Several genes have been linked to ALS, with one of the most recent called FUS. Two new studies in PLoS Biology, one from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and the other from colleagues at Brandeis University, both examined FUS biology in yeast and found that defects in RNA biology may be central to how FUS contributes to ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease. These findings point to new targets for developing drugs.

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Media Contact:Jennifer Baldino Bonett | jbaldino@nursing.upenn.edu | 215-746-3562April 26, 2011

Penn Nursing Signs Memorandum of Understanding With Peking University’s Nursing School

PHILADELPHIA -- The University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and the School of Nursing at Peking University in Beijing have established a memorandum of understanding creating a formal research relationship between the schools. Peking University’s School of Nursing, with Guifang Guo as dean, is widely considered the premier nursing school in China.

Penn Nursing also has academic partnerships in Botswana and India.