Nurse Panel Reviews Opioid Analgesic Guidelines

September 22, 2011

Rosemary Polomano of the School of Nursing is highlighted for her work with opioid analgesics and their role in pain management.

Article Source: Nurse.com

The NFL’s Ongoing Headache

September 21, 2011

Douglas Smith of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on the effects of concussions on professional football players.

Article Source: Philly.com

Caplan: No Word From Bachmann

September 23, 2011

Arthur Caplan of the Perelman School of Medicine is highlighted for challenge to GOP’s Michele Bachmann.

Article Source: Bloomberg News

Movement Disorders on YouTube Not What They Seem, Experts Warn

September 21, 2011

John Duda of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on movement disorders.

Article Source: HealthDay

New Organ-Sharing Guidelines May Prompt National Conversation

September 21, 2011

Arthur Caplan of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on organ donations.

Article Source: CNBC

Smog in Phila.’s Air Actually Worse Than People Think Environmental, Group Says

September 22, 2011

Reynold Panettieri of the Perelman School of Medicine says, “When ozone is high, you see a huge increase in emergency room visits.”

Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
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Media Contact:Evan Lerner | elerner@upenn.edu | 215-573-6604September 22, 2011

Penn Researchers Find a New Twist in a Blindness-causing Disease Gene

PHILADELPHIA — After more than three decades of research, University of Pennsylvania veterinarians and vision-research scientists, with associates at Cornell University, have identified a gene responsible for a blindness-inducing disease that afflicts dogs. In the process, the Penn scientists may have discovered clues about how retinal cells, and perhaps even neurons, can be regenerated.

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Media Contact:Jessica Mikulski | jessica.mikulski@uphs.upenn.edu | 215-349-8369September 21, 2011

Penn Study Indicates Atrial Fibrillation May Be Root Cause of Some Severe Mitral Regurgitation Cases

Mitral regurgitation is a common heart valve disorder, where blood flows backwards through the mitral valve when the heart contracts and reduces the amount of blood that is pumped out to the body. It is a serious condition with many foundational causes. Now, a new study from researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania has for the first time linked atrial fibrillation (AF) to some cases of mitral regurgitation (MR).

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Media Contact:Jill DiSanto | jdisanto@upenn.edu | 215-898-4820September 21, 2011

Penn Division of Public Safety Kicks Off ‘Share The Road’ Bicycle Safety Campaign

PHILADELPHIA — The University of Pennsylvania Division of Public Safety, in conjunction with the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Transportation and Utilities, will kick off the annual “Share the Road” bicycle safety campaign on Tuesday, Sept. 27, at 11 a.m. in front of the Penn Bookstore, 36th and Walnut streets, concluding with a press conference at noon.

Evolution Hints at a Superbug Strategy

September 19, 2011

Neil Fishman of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on rethinking conventional wisdom.

Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer