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Media Contact:Evan Lerner | elerner@upenn.edu | 215-573-6604July 26, 2012

Penn’s Charles Kane Named Simons Investigator and Awarded $500,000 Grant

PHILADELPHIA — Charles Kane of the University of Pennsylvania has been awarded a five-year,  $500,000 grant from the Simons Foundation, as part of its inaugural class of Simons Investigators.

Simons Foundation Surprises 21 Scientists With $500,000-plus in Grant Funding

July 25, 2012

Penn is among the top-tier universities awarded grant funding from the Simons Foundation.

Article Source: Washinton Post
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Media Contact:Katherine Unger Baillie | kbaillie@upenn.edu | 215-898-9194July 26, 2012

Penn-led Study of African Hunter-Gatherers Elucidates Human Variation, Evolution and Interbreeding

PHILADELPHIA — Human diversity in Africa is greater than any place else on Earth. Differing food sources, geographies, diseases and climates offered many targets for natural selection to exert powerful forces on Africans to change and adapt to their local environments. The individuals who adapted best were the most likely to reproduce and pass on their genomes to the generations who followed.

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Media Contact:Katherine Unger Baillie | kbaillie@upenn.edu | 215-898-9194July 25, 2012

Many Protected Areas Face Threats in Sustaining Biodiversity, Penn’s Daniel Janzen and Colleagues Report

PHILADELPHIA — Establishing protection over a swath of land seems like a good way to conserve its species and its ecosystems. But in a new study, University of Pennsylvania biologist Daniel Janzen joins more than 200 colleagues to report that protected areas are still vulnerable to damaging encroachment, and many are suffering from biodiversity loss.

HIV Treatment Results Are Improving – but Maybe Not as Much as We Thought

July 23, 2012

Baligh Yehia of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on the progress made in HIV-treatment research.

Article Source: Time Health & Family
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Media Contact:Joseph J. Diorio | jdiorio@asc.upenn.edu | 215-746-1798July 24, 2012

Penn Annenberg Study: Americans Roundly Reject Tailored Political Advertising as Politicians Embrace it

A large majority of Americans are dead-set against the practice of tailored political advertising at the very time in the 2012 election that the activity is seeing unprecedented growth.  In fact, a high percentage of Americans dislike tailored political advertising so much they say their likelihood of voting for a candidate they support would decrease if they find out the candidate engages in it. 

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Media Contact:Holly Auer | holly.auer@uphs.upenn.edu | 215-349-5659July 23, 2012

Benefits of HIV Drugs Rise -- but Less Than Previously Believed, Penn Study Shows

The percentage of HIV patients taking antiretroviral drugs who experienced the full benefit of the drugs jumped from 45 percent of 72 percent during the past decade, a figure that is lower than previous estimates.

Volunteering Our Time Makes Us Feel Like We Have More Time: Study

July 22, 2012

Researchers from the Wharton School are cited for a collaborative study about volunteering.

Article Source: The Huffington Post
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Media Contact:Jeanne Leong | jleong@upenn.edu | 215-573-8151July 20, 2012

Penn Annenberg Researchers Study Media’s Role and the Flow of Information in Iran


 University of Pennsylvania researchers are helping to provide a snapshot of how Iranians access news and information and what technologies Iranians use to learn about current events under restrictive laws.

Serious Side Effects More Likely in New Cancer Drugs

July 19, 2012

Susan Ellenberg of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on a study about newer cancer drugs.

Article Source: Chicago Tribune