Newsmaker: Winka Dubbeldam

September 16, 2013

Winka Dubbeldam of the School of Design is interviewed.

Article Source: Architectural Record

‘Unhealthy’ Ads More Common in Poor Neighborhoods, Survey Finds

August 26, 2013

Amy Hillier of the School of Design shares her findings of a “disproportionate concentration of ‘unhealthy’ ads in low-income neighborhoods.”

Article Source: Newsworks

Study Faults Corner Store Cigarette Ads

August 26, 2013

Amy Hillier of the School of Design is quoted about study reviewing cigarette sales and advertisements in Philadelphia corner stores.

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A Summer Internship at a Place Where Most People Stay for Good

July 29, 2013

Students Kevin Wohlgemuth, Irene Matteini and Johanna Sztokman of the School of Design are featured for working to restore a New York cemetery.

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Philly’s Renewed Urbanity

July 11, 2013

Harris Steinberg of the School of Design describes Philadelphia’s “renewed form of urbanity.”

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Changing Skyline: Phila. Landscape Architect Laurie Olin Wins National Medal of Arts

July 10, 2013

Laurie Olin of the School of Design is highlighted for receiving the National Medal of Arts.

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Next Step in the Parkway’s Makeover Promises Fun

June 30, 2013

Penn Praxis of the School of Design is mentioned for working to redesign the Ben Franklin Parkway.

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Mr. & Mrs. Architect

June 16, 2013

Marion Weiss of the School of Design is featured as a part of an architect-couple. PennDesign alumnus is Denise Scott Brown is also highlighted.

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Inside the Printing Studio Where Obsolete Tech Will Never Die

June 15, 2013

Matt Neff keeps the printing press alive at Penn's Common Press in the School of Design.

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Restoring History

Each spring, Doug Martenson stands eye-to-eye with Benjamin Franklin.

He cleans the buckles on Franklin’s shoes, the folds of his robes, and the buttons on his vest. Martenson then covers Franklin in protective wax.