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Media Contact:Karen Kreeger | Karen.kreeger@uphs.upenn.edu | 215-349-5658March 9, 2011

Penn Study: 'GPS System' for Protein Synthesis in Nerve Cells Gives Clues for Understanding Brain Disorders

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania explain how a class of RNA molecules is able to target the genetic building blocks that guide the functioning of a specific part of the nerve cell. Abnormalities at this site are in involved in epilepsy, neurodegenerative disease, and cognitive disorders. Their results are published this week in the journal Neuron.

Audio: Reforming Pennsylvania’s Prisons

March 8, 2011

Marie Gottschalk of the School of Arts and Sciences discusses Pennsylvania’s corrections systems.

Article Source: WHYY Radio (Philadelphia)

People Act Morally If Somebody Is Watching

March 8, 2011

John Christner and Robert Kurzban of the School of Arts and Sciences co-author a study analyzing monitored moral behavior.

Article Source: Sify News
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Media Contact:Jacquie Posey | jposey@upenn.edu | 215-898-6460March 8, 2011

Playwright Edward Albee to Visit Penn March 21-22 as 2011 Kelly Writers House Fellow

PHILADELPHIA – Playwright Edward Albee will visit the University of Pennsylvania March 21-22 as one of three acclaimed writers selected to be Spring 2011 Kelly Writers House Fellows.  Albee will give evening readings and informal teaching sessions with young writers and aspiring writers.

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“Civil Disabilities: Theory, Citizenship and the Body”


WHO & WHAT:           An interdisciplinary conference featuring leading scholars in disability studies whose research includes civic fitness, technology designed to assist people with disabilities, history, politics and education.