Mickey Mouse Runs Afoul of the Islamists in Egypt: But in a Democracy, Sharia Has No Place

July 1, 2011

Graduate student Eric Trager of the School of Arts and Sciences shares his perspective on Islamists in Egypt.

Article Source: New York Daily News
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Media Contact:Jacquie Posey | jposey@upenn.edu | 215-898-6460
Media Contact:Lauren Hirshon | lhirshon@upenn.edu | 215-746-6444July 6, 2011

Eric Rabe to Join Penn’s Fels Institute of Government Research & Consulting as Senior Advisor

PHILADELPHIA –- Eric Rabe has been appointed a senior advisor to Fels Research & Consulting, the consulting practice for public-sector and non-profit organizations at the Fels Institute of Government at the University of Pennsylvania

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Media Contact:Evan Lerner | elerner@upenn.edu | 215-573-6604June 30, 2011

Penn Paleontologists Contribute to X-Ray Technique for Determining Pigmentation Patterns in Fossils

PHILADELPHIA — An international team including University of Pennsylvania paleontologists is unearthing the appearance of ancient animals by using the world’s most powerful X-rays. New research shows how trace metals in fossils can be used to determine the pigmentation patterns of creatures dead for more than a hundred million years. 

Vacant Homes Keep Englewood in Downward Spiral

June 23, 2011

Thomas Sugrue of the School of Arts and Sciences comments on the impact the housing market crisis has on a Chicago neighborhood.

Article Source: Chicago Tribune

Beer Archaeologist

June 27, 2011

Patrick McGovern of the School of Arts and Sciences is featured for his work analyzing ancient fermented beverages.

Article Source: Boing Boing

The Beer Archaeologist

August 1, 2011

Patrick McGovern of the School of Arts and Sciences is spotlighted for his study of ancient alcoholic beverages.

Article Source: Smithsonian

Hillterns Overcome ‘Awe and Amazement’ of Working on Capitol Hill

June 27, 2011

Deidre Martinez of the School of Arts and Sciences offers advice to Capitol Hill interns.

Article Source: Washington Post

Video: New Hispanic Majority Transforms Culture of Reading, Pa.

June 28, 2011

Stanton Wortham of the Graduate School of Education and Emilio Parrado of the School of Arts and Sciences comment on the growing Hispanic community in the U.S.

Article Source: USA Today

Studying the Effects of Climate Change in Mongolia

More than a dozen students from Penn’s Biology department have undertaken a long and arduous trek into the steppes of Northern Mongolia this summer, where they will join staff and faculty already in the field. The group will camp in traditional felt yurts as they simulate the effects of climate change on this remote and understudied region.

‘Belief’ in Evolution? It May Be the Wrong Word

June 27, 2011

Mark Liberman and Michael Weisberg of the School of Arts and Sciences comment on the use of the word belief.

Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer