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Quest for Robo-Yellen Advances as Computers Gain on Rate Setters May 24, 2016 | Bloomberg

Michael Kearns of the School of Engineering and Applied Science is quoted about applying artificial intelligence and machine-learning principles to central banking.

The Great War and Modern Health Care May 19, 2016 | New England Journal of Medicine

Beth Linker of the School of Arts & Sciences writes about the effects of World War I on medical practice.

Cards Against Humanity Just Paid for a Young Woman’s College Tuition May 19, 2016 |

Undergraduate Sona Dadhania is highlighted for receiving the Science Ambassador Scholarship.

Spiral Zipper Creates Robot Arm Out of a Strip of Plastic May 18, 2016 | IEEE Spectrum

Mark Yim and May graduate Foster Collins of the School of Engineering and Applied Science are highlighted for developing a spherical robot arm with a spiral zipper joint.

12-million-year-old Fossil Points to ‘Bone-crushing’ North American Dog May 14, 2016 | Christian Science Monitor

Graduate student Steve Jasinski of the School of Arts & Sciences is mentioned for identifying a 12-million-year-old dog fossil.