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Teens Know Dangers of Driving and Cellphone Use, Yet Do It Anyway, Penn Research Shows
November 30, 2015
Catherine McDonald, assistant professor in the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing and in the Perelman School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics studies distracted driving in teenagers. 
Penn Nursing to Host Philadelphia Launch of Lancet Report on ‘Women and Health’
November 4, 2015
Penn Nursing is proud to host the Philadelphia launch of a major, new report, “Women and Health: The Key for Sustainable Development,” issued by the Commission on Women and Health, a partnership between The Lancet, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.
Penn Community-engagement Groups Support Youth Summit Aimed at Healthy Changes
October 20, 2015
More than 125 students from 25 middle schools across Philadelphia attended a youth summit focused on leading their schools to create healthy changes on Tuesday, Oct. 20, at the University of Pennsylvania. 
World Water Week at Penn
August 24, 2015
The University of Pennsylvania's health schools are showing support for World Water Week by highlighting the University's expertise in a broad range of water-related issues. Each day we'll feature a different topic. Follow along and learn more on Twitter at ‪#‎PennOneHealth‬. 
At Penn, Field Center’s Conference Draws Attention to Child Trafficking
June 5, 2015
The Field Center for Children’s Policy, Practice & Research at the University of Pennsylvania will host a June 10-12 conference addressing some of today's critical issues such as child trafficking and underrepresented populations in the child welfare system.
Penn Research Points to Omega-3 as a Nutritional Intervention for Childhood Behavioral Problems
May 7, 2015
At the forefront of a field known as “neurocriminology,” Adrian Raine of the University of Pennsylvania has long studied the interplay between biology and environment when it comes to antisocial and criminal behavior.
Penn Senior Jodi Feinberg to Launch Cardiac Patient In-home Rehab Program
April 21, 2015
(This is the fourth in a series of features introducing the inaugural Penn President’s Engagement Prize winners.)   One in five patients discharged from the hospital experience an adverse event at home within three weeks. They may fall or mix up their medications, placing an extreme burden on their caregivers. Ultimately they’re readmitted to the hospital.
Penn Celebrates National Public Health Week
April 6, 2015
Penn's health schools are celebrating National Public Health Week by featuring stories that highlight public health efforts across the University. Follow along on Twitter at ‪#‎PennOneHealth‬. ***
President Gutmann Announces 2015 President’s Engagement Prize Winners at Penn
March 25, 2015
President Amy Gutmann today announced the selection of five undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania as the inaugural President’s Engagement Prize recipients. Awarded annually to Penn students to design and undertake fully-funded local, national or global engagement projects during the first year after they graduate, the President’s Engagement Prizes underscore the high priority that Penn places on educating students to put their knowledge to work for the betterment of humankind. 
Penn-led Study: Children With Respiratory Failure Can Be Awake Yet Comfortable in ICU
January 28, 2015
For small children, being hospitalized is an especially frightening experience above and beyond the challenges of whatever they are being treated for. They are often connected to a variety of unpleasant tubes and monitors, which they may instinctively try to remove.