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Penn Physicists Develop Force Law for Granular Impacts: Sand, Other Granular Matter's Behavior Is Better Defined
April 20, 2007
PHILADELPHIA -- Sand.  A single grain is tiny, but solid, and shares the physical properties of other solid matter.  But pack or transport millions of grains together - as modern society does with coffee grounds, flour and industrial chemicals - and granular materials act differently, baffling engineers.  They take the shape of their containers and flow freely, like liquids.  In certain circumstances, they exert pressure like a gas.  The basic lack of behavioral knowledge contributes to wasted resources and energy, as well as erosion and other natural phenomena.  
Penn Professor Awarded 2007 Guggenheim Fellowship
April 18, 2007
PHILADELPHIA -- Sanjeev Khanna, professor of computer and information science at the University of Pennsylvania, has been honored with a 2007 Guggenheim Fellowship. Khanna works in theoretical computer science at the interface of algorithms and computational complexity.  The fellowship will fund his continued research to identify the polynomial-time approximability of fundamental problems in combinatorial optimization.
Behold RAVI-Bot! Penn Students Build Improvisational Robot That Plays Classical Indian Music
April 12, 2007
PHILADELPHIA -- RAVI-bot, a senior design project built by mechanical engineering students of the University of Pennsylvania, is an electromechanical, robotic sitar that mimics the techniques and improvisational style of the North Indian Hindustani classical stringed instrument. Part of ArtBots 2007, an international robotic talent show held this year in Philadelphia, RAVI-Bot will be on display beginning April 13 at the Esther M. Klein Art Gallery at the University City Science Center, 3701 Market St. in Philadelphia.  
Cell Structures Exhibit Novel Behaviors, Mimic Red Blood Cells and Liquid Crystals, Penn Researchers Report
April 10, 2007
PHILADELPHIA -- Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and Yale University have manipulated the internal, structural components of cells, creating a set of simulated cellular structures with novel mechanical properties, including one that acts like a red blood cell and another that mimics the soft, elastic behavior commonly found in novel synthetic materials called liquid crystal elastomers.
Seeking the Next Kevlar: Penn Researchers Fine Tune Nanotube/Nylon Composite Using Carbon Spacers
April 4, 2007
PHILADELPHIA - A team of University of Pennsylvania and Rice University researchers have added a significant new step to the creation of materials fortified by single-walled carbon nanotubes, or SWNTs, resulting in a nylon polymer composite with greater strength and toughness and opening the door for researchers to broadly improve the mechanical properties of such composites at the molecular level.
James Baker to Speak at Penn Commencement; Honorees Also Include Aretha Franklin, Ruth Bader Ginsburg
March 13, 2007
PHILADELPHIA - James A. Baker III, a co-chair of the Iraq Study Group who has served as secretary of state and secretary of the treasury, will deliver the address at the University of Pennsylvania's 251st Commencement on Monday, May 14. As secretary of state under the first President Bush, Baker traveled to more than 90 countries for post-Cold War era diplomatic efforts and formed a coalition of 34 countries opposed to Iraq's intervention in Kuwait.
Energy Working Group at Penn Hosts Mini-Symposium on Sustainable Energy
February 20, 2007
WHO: Energy Working Group at Penn, a multi-disciplinary group of University of Pennsylvania scientists and engineers George Crabtree, senior scientist and director of the materials science division of the Argonne National Laboratory Joanne Milliken, director of the U.S. Energy Department hydrogen program WHAT: "The Search for a Sustainable Energy Future: Challenges for Basic Research" mini-symposium    WHERE: Wu and Chen Auditorium, Levine Hall, 3330 Walnut St., Philadelphia WHEN: Friday, March 9, 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Penn Students' "2nd Best Idea Slam" Invention Competition Set for Feb. 16
February 14, 2007
WHO: University of Pennsylvania students WHAT: "2nd Best Idea Slam" WHEN: Feb. 16, 2007 1-2:15 p.m. WHERE: University of Pennsylvania Levine Hall 3340 Walnut St. Weiss Tech House, Room 266
Penn Team Bridges the Digital Divide in Cameroon
February 2, 2007
Penn Team Bridges the Digital Divide in Cameroon Jan. 30, 2007 PHILADELPHIA -- Some students in Cameroon now have computers thanks to a University of Pennsylvania engineering service organization.  A six member team of students, faculty and alumni of CommuniTech spent two and a half weeks during the winter break in Cameroon to establish computer labs.
Desmond Tutu, Wolf Blitzer, Ed Rendell Among Speakers at Penn Commencement Ceremonies
May 14, 2003
PHILADELPHIA  Anti-apartheid activist Desmond Tutu, CNN news anchor Wolf Blitzer and notable Penn alumni, including Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, are among the dignitaries who will address graduates at the various University of Pennsylvania commencement ceremonies May 18-19. Desmond Tutu will deliver the address Monday, May 19, at Penns 247th commencement ceremony at Franklin Field, 33rd and Spruce streets. The ceremony is scheduled to begin at 10:15 a.m.