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Penn Students Vie for Top Prizes in Annual Invention Competition: PennVention
April 10, 2008
PHILADELPHIA –- The Weiss Tech House, a student-run hub of technological innovation at the University of Pennsylvania, announced today the 11 student inventions that will compete in the fourth annual PennVention competition.
The Nanotechnology Institute Receives $3.5 Million to Foster Nanotechnology Research and Development
April 8, 2008
PHILADELPHIA –- The Nanotechnology Institute, or NTI, a consortium of Philadelphia-area research and technology organizations that includes the University of Pennsylvania, has received $3.5 million in funding from the commonwealth’s Pennsylvania Initiative for Nanotechnology. Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell announced the award, which renews the Institute’s funding and positions Pennsylvania as a global leader in emerging technologies.
Penn Engineering Awarded $7.5 Million to Advance Emerging Field of Network Science
April 4, 2008
PHILADELPHIA –- The University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science has received a $7.5 million, five-year grant to improve basic understanding of network science, an emerging field of research seeking the unifying principles that govern the diverse networks that make up the economic, political and social cores of the 21st century. From Facebook and the Internet to gene regulatory networks and financial markets, there is rapidly growing demand for new knowledge to analyze, design and operate next-generation networks.
Penn Engineering Receives Largest Research Grant in School History to Lead Robotics Consortium
March 26, 2008
PHILADELPHIA –- The University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science has received the largest single award in the School’s 156-year history to help create the fundamental networks and technologies that will put unmanned machines on the front lines of battle. The award is the MAST CTA, the Micro Autonomous Systems and Technology Collaborative Technology Alliance, and will incorporate more than $22 million in funding during 10 years from the Army Research Laboratory.
Penn Engineering Receives $7.5 Million to Develop Cooperation Principles for Robot Teams
March 24, 2008
PHILADELPHIA –- The University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science has received a five-year, $7.5 million grant to draw inspiration from biological organisms, including humans, in order to create principles of cooperation to control teams of next-generation, unmanned, robotic vehicles.
Policing Cells Demand ID to Tell Friend From Foe, Say University of Pennsylvania Cell Engineers
March 10, 2008
PHILADELPHIA – University of Pennsylvania scientists studying macrophages, the biological cells that spring from white blood cells to eat and destroy foreign or dying cells, have discovered how these “policemen” differentiate between friend and foe. The paper appears as the cover article in the March 10 edition of the Journal of Cell Biology.
Surface Dislocation Nucleation: Strength Is But Skin Deep at the Nanoscale, Penn Engineers Discover
March 3, 2008
PHILADELPHIA –- For centuries, engineers have bent and torn metals to test their strength and ductility. Now, materials scientists at the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science are studying the same metals but at nanoscale sizes in the form of wires a thousand times thinner than a human hair. This work has enable Penn engineers to construct a theoretical model to predict the strength of metals at the nanoscale.
University of Pennsylvania Selects Weiss/Manfredi, M+W Zander to Design Singh Nanotechnology Center
February 26, 2008
PHILADELPHIA -- The University of Pennsylvania has selected the architectural design firm Weiss/Manfredi along with M+W Zander, an engineering and construction firm that specializes in projects with a scientific focus, to design the Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnology.
Michael Bloomberg to Speak at Penn Commencement; Honorees Include Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust
February 19, 2008
PHILADELPHIA –- Michael R. Bloomberg, mayor of New York and founder of Bloomberg, L.P., will deliver the address at the University of Pennsylvania's 252nd Commencement on Monday, May 19. Bloomberg, now in his second term as mayor, is credited with reducing crime and creating jobs in the nation’s most populous city while embarking on a series of ambitious environmental and public-health initiatives.
Penn Engineers Create Carbon Nanopipettes That Are Smaller Than Cells and Measure Electric Current
January 15, 2008
PHILADELPHIA –- University of Pennsylvania engineers and physicians have developed a carbon nanopipette thousands of times thinner than a human hair that measures electric current and delivers fluids into cells. Researchers developed this tiny carbon-based tool to probe cells with minimal intrusion and inject fluids without damaging or inhibiting cell growth.