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Geometry Plays an Important Role in How Cells Behave, Penn Researchers Report
October 31, 2017
Inspired by how geometry influences physical systems such as soft matter, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have revealed surprising insights into how the physics of molecules within a cell affect how the cell behaves.
Penn Physicists Help Spot Explosive Counterpart of LIGO/Virgo’s Latest Gravitational Waves
October 16, 2017
Masao Sako of the University of Pennsylvania was on vacation with his family when he got the news. The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory, or LIGO, had made a fifth detection of gravitational waves, which expand and contract space time.
Seven Penn Faculty Members Elected to National Academy of Medicine
October 16, 2017
Seven University of Pennsylvania faculty members have been elected to the National Academy of Medicine (NAM), one of the nation’s highest honors in biomedicine. They are among 70 new U.S. and 10 international members of the globally renowned organization.
Penn Freshman English Seminar Explores Philadelphia as Its Classroom
October 16, 2017
A 20-minute trolley ride and a world away, the woods of Bartram’s Garden became an outdoor classroom for a group of University of Pennsylvania students this fall. The new freshman seminar “English 16: Arts and Nature,” taught by Rebecca Bushnell, investigates the many ways in which the arts have both represented and shaped the natural world.
Researchers Discover Which Brain Region Motivates Behavior Change
October 13, 2017
Have you ever been stuck in a rut, going through the same motions day in and day out? How do you motivate to change your behavior? PIK professor Michael Platt and colleagues now better understand how this happens, and it has to do with a region in the brain called the posterior cingulate cortex.
Penn-led Study Identifies Genes Responsible for Diversity of Human Skin Colors
October 12, 2017
Human populations feature a broad palette of skin tones. But until now, few genes have been shown to contribute to normal variation in skin color, and these had primarily been discovered through studies of European populations.
Amid Devastation of Hurricane Maria, Penn Researchers with Puerto Rico Connections Focus on Helping Colleagues
October 10, 2017
After Hurricane Maria hit, researchers with connections to Puerto Rico, like Arjun Yodh, Alain Plante and Douglas Jerolmak of the School of Arts and Sciences and PIK Professor Michael Platt, reached out to their collaborators on the island.
The Penn Community Responds to Recent Natural Disasters
October 4, 2017
The University of Pennsylvania is lending a helping hand after a series of disasters leveled areas across the Western Hemisphere.
Earth’s Tectonic Plates Are Weaker Than Once Thought, According to Research by Penn Geologists
October 2, 2017
No one can travel inside the earth to study what happens there. So scientists must do their best to replicate real-world conditions inside the lab.
Ph.D. Student Advances Cultural Heritage and Local Engagement in Jordan, Egypt
September 29, 2017
After witnessing the destruction of archeological treasures firsthand, Robbie Vigar, a second year anthropology Ph.D. student at the University of Pennsylvania, is advancing a relatively new way to look at cultural heritage preservation research: through the eyes of local residents.