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Sarah Tishkoff Named Penn's Newest PIK Professor
January 16, 2008
PHILADELPHIA -– Sarah Tishkoff, a leading global expert in human genetics, has been named the sixth Penn Integrates Knowledge University Professor at the University of Pennsylvania. The announcement was made today by Penn President Amy Gutmann and Provost Ronald Daniels.
University of Pennsylvania Professor Measures 'In Your Face' Television Debates' Effect on Audiences
December 12, 2007
PHILADELPHIA–- Today’s “in your face” televised political debates evoke emotional reactions in viewers and cause them to think that opposing views are less legitimate, according to a University of Pennsylvania researcher. “Effects of ‘In-Your-Face’ Television Discourse on Perceptions of Legitimate Opposition,” published in the November issue of the American Political Science Review, was written by Diana C. Mutz, a professor of political science and communications at Penn.
Alumni Robert A. Fox and Penny Grossman Fox Give $10 Million to Endow Robert A. Fox Leadership Program
December 6, 2007
PHILADELPHIA -- Alumni Robert A. Fox and Penny Grossman Fox have made a gift of $10 million to endow and expand the Robert A. Fox Leadership Program in the School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. The program, established in 1999 through an initial gift from the Foxes, combines coursework, events and service experiences to inspire and equip undergraduates to assume leadership roles in their future endeavors. This most recent gift brings the Foxes’ total support of the program to more than $23 million.
University of Pennsylvania Launches RealArts@Penn With Six New Undergraduate Internships
December 5, 2007
PHILADELPHIA -- The College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania has launched a new project called RealArts@Penn, created in part to integrate art-world practice into the intellectual life of the university. RealArts will sponsor six paid internships in the summer of 2008 at MTV Networks, Rolling Stone magazine, Brooklyn Films, Shore Fire Media, Grand Central Publishing (formerly Warner Books) and Women Make Movies.
Campuses' Role in Promoting Human Rights, Democracy to be Examined at Student-Led Conference at Penn
November 29, 2007
WHAT: “Students for Human Rights and Democratic Education Conference,” a student-led grassroots conference on how to effect change in human rights and democratization through higher education. Its goal is to provide participants with the tools to assess their campuses’ promotion of human rights and democracy.Participants will discuss higher-education institutions and their efforts to promote human rights and democracy, as well as to develop recommendations for mobilizing students.
University of Pennsylvania Study Reveals Inconspicuous Hosts in the Lyme Disease Epidemic
November 29, 2007
PHILADELPHIA -– A study led by a University of Pennsylvania biologist in the tick-infested woods of the Hudson Valley is challenging the widely held belief that mice are the main animal reservoir for Lyme disease in the U.S. The paper, published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, demonstrates that chipmunks and two shrew species, not just mice, are the four species that account for major outbreaks.
A Partnership for Global Security: Penn Professor Among Six Experts to Outline Plan for Worldwide Biosecurity
November 16, 2007
PHILADELPHIA -- Harvey Rubin, director of the University of Pennsylvanias Institute for Strategic Threat Analysis and Response, is among six internationally recognized experts who have authored a five-point roadmap for the global community to enhance worldwide biosecurity.  The experts recommend that these five priorities be undertaken through immediate, action-oriented initiatives on an international scale.
Three University of Pennsylvania Professors Named 2007 AAAS Fellows
November 7, 2007
PHILADELPHIA - Three faculty members of the University of Pennsylvania have been named Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). This year AAAS recognized 471 members for their scientifically or socially distinguished efforts to advance science or its applications.  The new Fellows will be officially inducted February 16 during the 2008 AAAS annual meeting in Boston. The new Penn AAAS Fellows are:
Penn Scientists Share $2 Million to Develop Tool to Study Proteins at Work in Living Cells
October 23, 2007
PHILADELPHIA  - Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania will share in a three-year grant worth approximately $2 million to develop technology to identify, in real time, proteins at work inside living cells.  Partnering with Anima Cell Metrology Inc., the resulting technology will be used in basic science research and in the development of drugs and novel medical treatments.
Penn Researchers Pinpoint the Brain Waves That Distinguish False Memories From Real Ones
October 23, 2007
PHILADELPHIA - For the first time, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania are able to pinpoint brain waves that distinguish true from false memories, providing a better understanding of how memory works and creating a new strategy to help epilepsy patients retain cognitive function. The study, the first to show that brain waves predict the veracity of human memories, is available online in the journal Psychological Science and in the November 2007 print edition.