Penn in the News

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel — March 28, 2007

Allan Pack of the School of Medicine discusses driving fatigue.

McClatchy-Tribune News Service — March 28, 2007

Kathryn Michel of School of Veterinary Medicine comments on the recent pet food recall.

Ed Tech Magazine — March 27, 2007

Vice President Robin Beck of Information Systems and Computing discusses job transition for IT professionals.

Orange County Register — March 27, 2007

Susan Wachter of the Wharton School participates in a Q-and-A about mortgage selection.

Philadelphia Inquirer — March 26, 2007

Actor Kal Penn will be a guest professor at Penn.

Associated Press — March 26, 2007

Grace Kao of the School of Arts and Sciences comments on Kal Penn’s teaching position.

Forbes — March 26, 2007

Daniel Rader of the School of Medicine discusses an experimental heart drug that was deemed unsafe.

Associated Press — March 25, 2007

Mariell Jessup of the School of Medicine comments on a new experimental drug for patients with severe heart problems.

Washington Post — March 25, 2007

Deborah Weinstein of the Wharton School says firings during maternity leave are problematic for employers.

Los Angeles Times — March 24, 2007

Donald Kettl of the School of Arts and Sciences discusses the recent Iraq war funding bill passed in the House.

Washington Post — March 24, 2007

Jack Guttentag of the Wharton School authors an op-ed on mortgages.

Daily Pennsylvanian — March 23, 2007

An incident Wednesday night has sparked outrage among campus minority groups, who allege that Penn Police and security guards used racial profiling in detaining a black male College student.

National Public Radio — March 23, 2007

Susan Wachter of the Wharton School discusses mortgage loans.

McClatchy Newspapers — March 23, 2007

Carolyn Marvin of the Annenberg School for Communication says the war in Iraq doesn’t register with many Americans.

Capital News Service — March 23, 2007

Nathaniel Persily of the Law School discusses campaign law finances.

Bloomberg News — March 22, 2007

President Amy Gutmann explains why Penn’s financial-aid enhancement is important.

Time Magazine — March 22, 2007

John DiIulio of the School of Arts and Sciences authors an op-ed on religious-based civic aid groups.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale) — March 22, 2007

Corinne Sweeney of School of Veterinary Medicine says horses suffer mainly athletic injuries.

Inside Higher Ed — March 21, 2007

Robert Zemsky of the Graduate School of Education discusses the Spellings Commission’s vision for higher education.

Wall Street Journal — March 21, 2007

Stephen Hoch of the Wharton School discusses brand saturation.