Penn in the News

Chicago Tribune — March 25, 2009
Thomas Donaldson of the Wharton School comments on financial-industry regulation.
Associated Press — March 24, 2009
G. Edward DeSeve of the School of Arts and Sciences and Fels Institute of Government is nominated by the Obama administration to oversee federal stimulus spending.
New York Times — March 24, 2009
Robert Seyfarth of the School of Arts and Sciences says technology has replaced our baser evolutionary means of displaying dominance.
Chronicle of Higher Education — March 24, 2009
Patricia Rose of Career Services, Anne Waters of International Programs and Nazli Oguzsimsaroglu, a student in the Wharton School, comment on legislation that prevents stimulus-receiving businesses from hiring foreign workers.
Los Angeles Times — March 24, 2009
Donald Kettl of the School of Arts and Sciences says President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s politics are sometimes at odds.
Chicago Tribune — March 24, 2009
Tim Bechtel of the School of Arts and Sciences comments on the discovery of an almost century-old mass grave in Philadelphia.
National Law Journal — March 23, 2009
Heather Frattone of the Law School says law firms are deferring students’ start dates due to the recession.
Philadelphia Inquirer — March 23, 2009
Lisa Maslankowski of the School of Medicine discusses HIV-prevention vaginal gels.
Philadelphia Inquirer — March 23, 2009
Penn Museum's “Superhero Day” event, in conjunction with Penn Libraries' yearlong "POW: Comics, Animation, and Graphic Novels," is featured.
New York Times — March 23, 2009
Peter Petraitis of the School of Arts and Sciences is recognized for his research on evolutionary changes in an intertidal snail.
Houston Chronicle — March 23, 2009
Dean Richard Gelles of the School of Social Policy and Practice discusses the lifelong effects of domestic abuse.
KYW Radio (Philadelphia) — March 23, 2009
Linda Aiken of the School of Nursing and the School of Arts and Sciences says nurses are still in demand, despite the economy.
PlanPhilly — March 23, 2009
Vice President Anne Papageorge of Facilities and Real Estate Services and Harris Steinberg of the School of Design and PennPraxis discuss President Amy Gutmann’s vision for Penn’s expansion.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution — March 22, 2009
Richard Ingersoll of the Graduate School of Education and the School of Arts and Sciences enumerates teacher-retention problems.
USA Today — March 22, 2009
Kareem Zaghloul and fellow researchers from the School of Arts and Science and the School of Medicine investigate the brain’s adaptive capabilities.
Chicago Tribune — March 22, 2009
Jack Guttentag of the Wharton School offers advice on failed homeowner partnerships.
Spirit India — March 21, 2009
President Amy Gutmann discusses The Roberts Proton Therapy Center.
New York Times — March 21, 2009
Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg School for Communication says the outcry against the bailout is rooted in larger themes of fairness.
Philadelphia Inquirer — March 20, 2009
David Skeel of the Law School says politics sometimes gets in the way of economic reform.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette — March 20, 2009
Jonah Berger of the Wharton School offers statistical analysis of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.