Penn in the News

Wall Street Journal — July 9, 2009
Rita Copeland of the School of Arts and Sciences discusses Jean Rhys' "Wide Sargasso Sea," an adaptation of “Jane Eyre.”
KYW Radio (Philadelphia) — July 9, 2009
Vice President Maureen Rush of Public Safety discusses Penn’s new emergency-notification siren system.
New York Times — July 8, 2009
President Amy Gutmann comments on Penn’s partnership with The Posse Foundation, which will bring a group of high-achieving Miami-Dade high school students to Penn.
Philadelphia Inquirer — July 8, 2009
President Amy Gutmann and Dean Eric Furda of Admissions discuss the goals of Penn’s collaboration with The Posse Foundation.
Inside Higher Ed — July 8, 2009
Penn is highlighted as the first Ivy League university to affiliate with The Posse Foundation, and Dean Eric Furda of Admissions is quoted.
Wall Street Journal — July 8, 2009
Jeremy Siegel of the Wharton School comments on the values of stocks versus bonds.
KYW Radio (Philadelphia) — July 8, 2009
Lynn Mardsen-Atlass of the Arthur Ross Gallery discusses an exhibition on the history of West Philadelphia and the work of David Kennedy.
WHYY Radio (Philadelphia) — July 8, 2009
Firoozeh Kashani-Sabet and John Ghazvinian of the School of Arts and Sciences comment on Iran’s views of western political pressures. — July 8, 2009
Kermit Roosevelt of the Law School authors an op-ed on judicial activism.
Technically Philly — July 8, 2009
Mark Aseltine of Information Systems and Computing discusses technology recycling.
Philadelphia Daily News — July 8, 2009
Thomas Sugrue of the School of Arts and Sciences is cited for his book, "Sweet Land of Liberty: The Forgotten Struggle for Civil Rights in the North."
New York Times — July 7, 2009
Penn is featured along with 33 other colleges and universities throughout the Philadelphia area in the launch of a new Web site geared towards education.
Christian Science Monitor — July 7, 2009
Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg School for Communication analyzes political linguistics.
Dow Jones Newswires — July 7, 2009
James McGann of the School of Arts and Sciences and Penn’s Think Tanks and Civil Society Program discusses SPIRI, a European think tank.
Philadelphia Inquirer — July 6, 2009
Alyssa Schwenk, student in the School of Arts and Sciences, authors an op-ed on the need for a public service academy.
Philadelphia Inquirer — July 6, 2009
Charles Bridges of the School of Medicine and Olivia Mitchell of the Wharton School say patients’ surgery prospects at an advanced age need to be carefully weighed.
New York Times — July 6, 2009
Richard Shannon of the School of Medicine is credited with lowering hospital infection rates.
Good Housekeeping — July 6, 2009
Chad Dion Lassiter of the School of Social Policy and Practice offers insight on communicating job loss to family.
Associated Press — July 6, 2009
Penn’s installation of the Siren Outdoor System is featured.
WPVI-TV (Philadelphia) — July 6, 2009
Penn’s SOS siren security system is discussed.