Penn in the News

Foam Issue May Delay Resumption of Shuttle Flights
Los Angeles Times | June 22, 2003
Although the Space Shuttle's foam debris problem may never be eliminated, Charles McMahon, professor of materials science and engineering, endorses the use of a fiber-reinforced foam to insulate and protect the external fuel tank.
Head of Penn, a Trailblazer, Will Step Down
New York Times | June 21, 2003
President Judith Rodin says she will leave her current position but will remain to teach and raise funds.
End of an Era at Penn: Rodin Stepping Down
Philadelphia Inquirer | June 21, 2003
President Judith Rodin announces that she will step down in June 2004.
Penn President Rodin to Step Down
Philadelphia Inquirer | June 20, 2003
President Judith Rodin announces that she will step down when she completes her 10-year term in June 2004.
Penn President Leaving Her Post
Philadelphia Business Journal | June 20, 2003
President Judith Rodin announces that she will end her tenure in June 2004 but will remain at Penn as chancellor.
Report - Big Spenders on Issue Ads Prevail
Associated Press | June 19, 2003
Kathleen Hall Jamieson, director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, discusses the results of a study examining more than 5,000 print and television ads developed by lobbying groups to influence lawmakers.
Gastric Bypass for the Young, Out of Options Obese Teenagers Seen as Candidates, with Caveats
USA Today | June 19, 2003
Although gastric bypass surgery is becoming popular for treating overweight teenagers, Robert Berkowitz, associate professor of psychiatry, says doctors do not know the long-term effects on teens who undergo the operation.
AMA Backs Cloning for Research Purposes
Associated Press | June 18, 2003
Arthur Caplan, director of the Center for Bioethics, says the American Medical Association could be supportive of research cloning because of the recent challenges to whether cloned embryos could actually develop into human life.
Supreme Court Backs Campaign-gift Limits
Boston Globe | June 17, 2003
Nathaniel Persily, professor of law, comments on the Supreme Court's ruling on a new campaign law designed to limit corporate political contributions that could influence federal elections.
Getting to the Bottom of Cellulite Creams, Promise Reduction, but It's Mostly Cosmetic
USA Today | June 17, 2003
Albert Kligman, professor of dermatology, says that the ingredients used by cosmetics companies to maufacture anti-cellulite creams are not proven effective with scientific evidence.