Penn in the News

National Museum Honoring Constitution Opens Amid Debate on Civil Liberties, War on Terror
Associated Press | June 29, 2003
Kim Roosevelt, professor of law, comments on the how the Constitution allows Americans the freedom to solve problems themselves.
Bleznaks Give $1 Million to Penn
Palm Beach Daily News | June 29, 2003
President Judith Rodin and Arthur Rubenstein, dean of the School of Medicine, discuss Kathleen and Alan Bleznak's $1 million donation which is earmarked to assist Penn Medicine in its mission of service excellence.
Why Franklin and the Founders Still Rock
Time Magazine | June 29, 2003
Michael Eric Dyson, professor of religious and Africana studies, comments on the overlooked details about the founding fathers and discusses their efforts to establish the liberties Americans enjoy.
Historical Feast is Just an Appetizer
Miami Herald | June 29, 2003
Philadelphia's historical heritage and cultural venues, including the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, are profiled.
New Drug - Coated Stents Exceeds Supply
Associated Press | June 27, 2003
According to Donald LaVan, professor of cardiovascular medicine, drug-coated stents are so effective that they may become the preferred treatment for reducing clogged heart arteries.
Justices' Direction Surprises Analysts
San Jose Mercury News | June 27, 2003
Nathaniel Persily, professor of law, says the U.S. Supreme Court's rulings to strike down a Texas sodomy law and to support the benefits of affirmative action challenge the court's conservative image.
Penn Cracks Down on Cars and Bicycles
Philadelphia Inquirer | June 25, 2003
Police Chief Thomas Rambo discusses the importance of the Share the Road program, created to keep pedestrians safe from bicyclists on sidewalks and bicyclists safe from motorists who block the bike lanes on roads.
Survey: New Internet Privacy Laws Needed
Associated Press | June 25, 2003
Joseph Turow, professor of communications, comments on an Annenberg Public Policy Center study which finds that consumers would like to toughen federal Internet privacy regulations in order to better protect personal information.
Merchants Thank Military with Array of Special Deals
San Diego Union-Tribune | June 24, 2003
Stephen Hoch, professor of marketing, says active miltary personnel serving in war zones have an increased income and become a profitable target market for large corporations.
Baby Steps
Philadelphia Inquirer | June 24, 2003
According to Walter Licht, professor of history, one of the largest labor strikes in American history was in 1903 when 90,000 Philadelphia textile workers protested child labor conditions such as a 60 hour work week.