Penn in the News

FDA Approves Wider Use of Growth Hormone
Washington Post | July 26, 2003
Arthur Caplan, director of the Center for Bioethics, discusses the dangers of treating normally short people as if they have a medical disorder.
Hospitals Help Docs with Insurance
Associated Press | July 25, 2003
Even though hospitals are insuring physicians for malpractice, it's a short-term strategy that doesn't guarantee physician loyalty, says Lawton Burns, professor of health care systems.
Astronomers Report Evidence of 'Dark Energy' Splitting the Universe
New York Times | July 22, 2003
Max Tegmark, assistant professor of physics, comments on new evidence that suggests dark energy from the Big Bang is causing the universe's expansion to speed up.
The Gorge-Yourself Environment
New York Times | July 22, 2003
Paul Rozin, professor of psychology, says researchers have underestimated the influence of environmental factors on food consumption, such as portion size, price, advertising, availability and the number of food choices.
FCC May Lift AOL Merger Proviso
Los Angeles Times | July 16, 2003
Gerald Faulhaber, professor of business and public policy, and David Farber, professor of telecommunication systems, warn that competition could suffer if AOL's restrictions on offering advanced Internet services are lifted.
Scott McClellan: Cards to Chest, Voice to World
Christian Science Monitor | July 15, 2003
Kathleen Hall Jamieson, director of Penn's Annenberg Public Policy Center, comments on the challenges facing the new White House press secretary, Scott McClellan.
Aspirin May Be the Wonder Drug of the 21st Century
Charlotte Observer | July 14, 2003
Garret FitzGerald, chair of the Pharmacology Department, says aspirin can not only prevent heart attacks but may play a role in preventing colon cancer.
Tax Support a Given in Mass Transit
Raleigh News & Observer | July 14, 2003
Vukan Vuchic, professor of transportation systems, discusses the elements of a successful transportation system for the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.
Hispanics Gain Foothold in Middle Class
Atlanta Journal-Constitution | July 13, 2003
Douglas Massey, professor of sociology, says Mexicans who immigrate to work in the United States are more likely to achieve prosperity then they would if they worked in Mexico.
Rules for Terror Tribunals May Deter Lawyers
New York Times | July 13, 2003
Geoffrey Hazard, professor of law, says that, after evaluating the strict regulations surrounding military tribunals, defense lawyers are hesitant to participate, creating doubts about the tribunals' legitimacy.