Penn in the News

Homeland Power Lures Many Ivory Towers
Omaha World-Herald | August 4, 2003
Harvey Rubin, director of the Institute for Strategic Threat Analysis and Response, comments on the competition between universities to participate in the Department of Homeland Security's terrorism research centers.
Backers Favor Bus Rapid Transit Over Rail for Cost, Convenience
Seattle Times | August 3, 2003
Vukan Vuchic, professor of transportation systems, says that, even though bus transit may be inexpensive and convenient, it doesn't match the comfort and social status associated with rail transit.
Stock Prices and the Terror Factor
New York Times | August 3, 2003
Jeremy Siegel, professor of finance, says that investors' fear of terrorism has contributed to the length of the bond rally, despite low yields.
Benefits Squeeze Eats Away at Paychecks
San Jose Mercury News | August 3, 2003
David Larcker, professor of accounting, says employees may focus on their paychecks but companies are cutting expenses by reducing health-care coverage and eliminating 401K matching plans.
Ancient Art at Met Raises Old Ethical Questions
New York Times | August 2, 2003
Jeremy Sabloff, director of Penn's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, believes that exhibiting antiquities without clear records of excavation and ownership encourages looting and illicit trade.
Colleges Explore Legal Net Music Setups
New York Times | August 1, 2003
Peter Fader, professor of marketing, says it's just a matter of time before university administrators offer students legal music services through existing campus networks.
Nurses Specialize in Difficult Assignment
Philadelphia Inquirer | July 28, 2003
Kathleen Brown, professor of nursing, discusses the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners program in which specially trained nurses treat rape victims, collect and preserve evidence and testify at trials.
Jesica's Story: One Mistake Didn't Kill Her - The Organ Donor System was Fatally Flawed
U.S. News and World Report | July 28, 2003
Michael Acker, associate professor of surgery, discusses the dangers of errors between surgeons and the national organ-transplant system.
Valley Companies Aren't Faring Well in Graders' Eyes
San Jose Mercury News | July 28, 2003
Andrew Metrick, associate professor of finance, says corporate governance is a way to evaluate and compare companies, but it's not the sole predictor of how well companies will perform.
Investors Still Wary of Corporate Leadership
Philadelphia Inquirer | July 27, 2003
David Skeel, professor of law, says the new rules established by Securities and Exchange Commission are not flawless but are strong enough to prevent another large-scale corporate accounting scandal.