Penn in the News

Here Come the Dividends. But Don't Cheer Yet.
New York Times | September 14, 2003
Jennifer Blouin, professor of accounting, says that when management pays dividends to investors, it can be more accountable than companies which do not pay dividends.
Teamwork Instead of Turf Wars
Philadelphia Inquirer | September 13, 2003
President Judith Rodin, chairwoman of Innovation Philadelphia and the Knowledge Industry Partnership, discusses the challenges of embarking on leadership roles and how Philadelphia can benefit from strong partnerships.
Study Reports Increase in Portly Pets
Associated Press | September 8, 2003
Kathryn Michel, associate professor of veterinary nutrition, says she has seen more overweight pets in recent years and notes that the gain could be caused by owners expressing their affection for their pets with food.
Chinese News Network in US Finds Perils of Facing Beijing
Boston Globe | August 24, 2003
Arthur Waldron, professor of international relations, discusses how the Chinese government influences the broadcasts of an independent Chinese news station headquartered in the United States.
Old-shipwreck Expedition Runs Afoul of Rocky Politics
Chicago Tribune | August 23, 2003
Fredrik Hiebert, professor of anthropology, says that international political situations can complicate archeological relationships with host countries.
Star Count Falling, Dust Storm Coming
Miami Herald | August 22, 2003
Raul Jimenez, assistant professor of physics, discusses how he was able to track the shrinking star population by studying a "fossil record" of star births and deaths.
It's a Dog's Life, but What, Exactly, Is That About?
New York Times | August 19, 2003
James Serpell, associate professor of animal welfare, discusses a test to predict the behavioral and physical traits in dogs preferred by breeders.
Review of States' Foster Care Finds Woeful Performance
Associated Press | August 19, 2003
Richard Gelles, dean of the School of Social Work, warns that it could take years to solve the problems uncovered at state child-welfare agencies.
Curbing the Craving to Smoke
Ladies' Home Journal | August 18, 2003
Kelly Anne Spratt, director of Women's Cardiovascular Health at Penn's Presbyterian Medical Center, recommends several approaches for coping with symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.
Darkest Day Eased Dark Day
New York Daily News | August 16, 2003
David Riggs, assistant professor of clinical psychology, says there was little chaos during the blackout because people had the opportunity to adjust to the problem during the day.