Penn in the News

Do We Really Exist? Believing That the ‘Self’ Is an Illusion Does Not Eliminate the Fear of Death
Newsweek | February 7, 2018
Nina Strohminger of the Wharton School Is quoted about co-authoring a study that revealed that monastic Buddhists were most fearful of death, specifically self-annihilation.
Audio: Korean Peninsula Primer / Dow Jones update
WHYY Radio (Philadelphia) | February 7, 2018
Frank Plantan Jr. of the School of Arts and Sciences talks about the history of the conflict on the Korean Peninsula.
Sex, Community and Acceptance in the Black HIV Community
MD Magazine | February 7, 2018
Bridgette Brawner of the School of Nursing is highlighted for her research of the social and structural inequities that enable the spread of disease, such as HIV, within black communities.
Why Everyone You Know Is Doing the Whole30—the Diet Nutritionists Call 'Baseless'
Fortune | February 6, 2018
Jacob Riis of the Wharton School says it is “easier to convey anecdotes in the age of social media.”
PBS Documentary Examines History of HBCUs: ‘Tell Them We Are Rising’
Diverse | February 6, 2018
Marybeth Gasman of the Graduate School of Education shares her thoughts on Stanley Nelson’s upcoming film, “Tell Them We Are Rising: The Story of Black Colleges and Universities.”
Want to Cure Your Hair’s Split Ends? Try Washing Them With Wheat Gluten
Science | February 6, 2018
Sarah Millar of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on a study about the effect of using wheat gluten to help remedy hair’s split ends.
NBC's Andrea Mitchell to Speak at Penn's Commencement
Philadelphia Inquirer | February 6, 2018
Penn alumna and award-winning journalist Andrea Mitchell is highlighted as the speaker for the University’s 262nd Commencement.
Why Job Referrals Can Hurt a Company’s Diversity
NBC News | February 6, 2018
Stephanie Creary of the Wharton School encourages diversity in the workplace and says, “Without diversity, you don’t get that same level of information, so you're going to operate in the same ways you’ve always done. And in this era of competition, how we've been doing it is not necessarily enough to get to the next level.”
A Brain Implant Improved Memory, Scientists Report
New York Times | February 6, 2018
Research from Michael Kahana of the School of Arts and Sciences about brain stimulation and memory improvement is featured.
Video: Top Wharton Professor: Use This Simple Technique to Have Better Ideas at Work
CNBC | February 5, 2018
Adam Grant of the Wharton School talks about how to better approach the brainstorming process.