Paterno Family Criticizes the Freeh Report as a ‘Rush to Injustice’

February 10, 2013

The family of Joe Paterno released on Sunday an extensive analysis that sharply criticizes findings related to the legendary Penn State football coach in a report produced last summer by Louis J. Freeh, condemning that investigation as a “rush to injustice.” Penn State had retained Mr. Freeh, a former FBI director, to investigate the university’s role in the child-sexual-abuse scandal involving a former assistant football coach, Jerry Sandusky. “There is no evidence that Joe Paterno deliberately covered up known incidents of child molestation by Jerry Sandusky to protect Penn State football or for any other reason,” Wick Sollers, a partner with the Washington law firm King & Spalding, writes in an overview to the Paterno family’s critique. “The contrary statements in the Freeh report are unsupported and unworthy of belief.”