$10 Million for Telling the Truth

February 11, 2013

Conventional wisdom holds that good news about alma mater inspires donors, and that bad news may scare them away. Bucknell University is today announcing a gift that defies those beliefs. Two week ago the university announced that it had reported inaccurate data about its SAT and ACT averages, for years, to U.S. News & World Report and to others (including Bucknell's own board). While the university attributed the faulty data to a former employee, John C. Bravman, the president, issued a letter apologizing for the errors, which he said "violated the trust" of everyone who used the bad numbers. Since the announcement, Bravman has received hundreds of calls and e-mail messages. And while Bravman said in an interview that some of those contacting him have been angry, he said that most have been extremely supportive of the college for being forthright about the past problem and how Bucknell would fix it.

Article Source: Inside Higher Ed