Another Liberal Arts Critic

January 30, 2013

North Carolinians might have seen this coming when they elected Patrick McCrory governor in November. He's a Republican and the second half of his name is "Rick," and these days -- with Rick Scott in Florida and Rick Perry in Texas -- that tends to mean criticism of the liberal arts and flagship universities. On a national radio program Tuesday morning, McCrory, who goes by Pat, said he would pushlegislation to base funding for the state’s public colleges and universities on post-graduate employment rather than enrollment. "I'm looking at legislation right now – in fact, I just instructed my staff yesterday to go ahead and develop legislation – which would change the basic formula in how education money is given out to our universities and our community colleges,” McCrory told radio host Bill Bennett, who was education secretary under President Reagan. “It's not based on butts in seats but on how many of those butts can get jobs."

Article Source: Inside Higher Ed