Former Penn State President Is Charged in Sandusky Case

November 1, 2012

In February 2001, Graham B. Spanier, then the president of Penn State, exchanged e-mails with two top university officials regarding Jerry Sandusky. The three men had been told of an allegation that Sandusky, a former top assistant to the longtime football coach Joe Paterno, had sexually abused a young boy. It was decided that they would approach Sandusky directly, rather than going to outside authorities. Spanier deemed this a “humane and a reasonable way to proceed,” with one caveat: “The only downside for us is if the message isn’t ‘heard’ and acted upon, and we then become vulnerable for not having reported it.” It is now known that Sandusky continued to sexually abuse young boys for years after. On Thursday, Pennsylvania’s attorney general, Linda Kelly, said Spanier and the two other university officials — Gary Schultz, a former university vice president, and Tim Curley, the athletic director, who has been on administrative leave — engaged in a “conspiracy of silence” to “actively conceal the truth.”

Article Source: New York Times