"Year of Proof" Is Penn Academic Theme for 2012-13

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Media Contact:Jeanne Leong | jleong@upenn.edu | 215-573-8151January 30, 2012

            PHILADELPHIA -- The University of Pennsylvania’s academic theme for 2012-13 will be the “Year of Proof.”

Beginning in September at new student orientation and throughout the year, the University will hold events across disciplines around the theme of “proof.”“Proof is deeply tied to research, and what is more important in an academic institution and intellectual inquiry than research?,” said David Fox, director of  New Student Orientation and Academic Initiatives in the Office of the Provost.

The theme, selected by the provost’s office, will be incorporated into preceptorials, activities in the College Houses and University resource centers, as well as academic courses in all 12 schools. 

“Proof is a major topic in law for judicial philosophy,” Fox said. “In literature and theatre, you are writing papers in which you try to explain things and prove them, and presenting evidence to make your point.  In medicine, how do we know that drugs work?”

The “Year of Proof” theme will also be integrated into the annual Penn Reading Project for incoming freshmen.