Wharton Launches Wharton Digital Press: Innovative Global All-Digital Business Publishing Initiative

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Media Contact:Peter Winicov | winicov@wharton.upenn.edu | 215-746-6471April 11, 2011

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania announces the launch of Wharton Digital Press (http://wdp.wharton.upenn.edu), an innovative global all-digital publishing initiative that will publish books electronically, including ebooks, enhanced ebooks, mobile apps, and print books available through print-on-demand technology. In collaboration with Knowledge@Wharton, the School’s online journal of research and business analysis, Wharton Digital Press will take advantage of the Wharton School’s global presence to communicate relevant business knowledge from experts throughout the world to readers wherever and whenever they need it. Knowledge@Wharton reaches 1.7 million subscribers in 189 countries in five languages. 

“Wharton Digital Press and its authors will be true partners in a very innovative global digital publishing venture,” said Stephen J. Kobrin, Publisher and Executive Director of the new press and Wharton’s William H. Wurster Professor of Multinational Management. “Together with our readers we will establish a community to share bold and insightful thinking and help managers meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.”

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