Penn Students Raising Sports IQs Around the World

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Media Contact:Jacquie Posey | | 215-898-6460April 23, 2013

While you won’t find coverage of every big sports story out there on The Sports Quotient Web site, what you will find is smart and engaging sports analysis. The online publication is the brainchild of University of Pennsylvania junior Zachary Weiner. It promises to raise your SQ, or sports intelligence quotient, through thought-provoking posts and articles.

The Sports Quotient launched last semester when several Penn undergrads teamed up with students from Duke, Johns Hopkins and Yale universities.

Founder and CEO Weiner, a junior in the College, majoring in mathematical economics, oversees the executive board of five and staff of two writers.  Sophomore economics major Peter Hess is chief content officer, and  Dan Wertman, a senior political science and history major, is the chief financial officer.  Writers Reuben Hampton, a Wharton senior economics major, and Daniel Ortiz, a marketing and retailing Wharton junior, make up the rest of Penn Sports Quotient staff.

Before coming to Penn, Weiner was a sports writer for The Stuyvesant Standard, the student newspaper at his high school in New York. Today he and Hess co-host a sports talk show on WQHS-AM, the student radio station on campus. Last year Weiner "realized that when I graduate I wouldn’t have that outlet. I thought how about starting a sports blog. Originally, I had to ask people to write for me. Some of my closest friends that were really into sports joined the staff.  We had six to seven writers in the beginning, and pretty soon people started asking me to write.”

The Sports Quotient’s content is varied, ranging from an interview with ESPN baseball analyst and former MLB player Doug Glanville to an article on homosexuality in the professional sports world. A Nov. 18 soccer article, “Ibrahimovic’s Goal Reminds Us of Past Greats,” expanded SQ’s international audience. It was tweeted 16 times.

The Web site appeals to more than just sports fans. In fact, Ortiz doesn’t share the sporting fanaticism of the rest of his SQ team. He laughs it off explaining, “I’m not a sports fan. My major concern is to grow the site and reach more people.”

The Dec. 6 “Bob Costas Under Fire” article had wide appeal beyond professional-sports watchers.

Hampton combines his knowledge of other fields and sports in pieces such as “Baseball Free Agency and Auction Theory” and “NFL and the Illusion of Explanatory Depth,” which has drawn more than 2,000 comments and was picked up by Wired Playbook.

Reaching beyond the stats and scoreboards is what SQ does best.