Penn Students Go Heavily for President Obama in Campus Voting

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Media Contact:Gina Bryan | | 215-898-8721November 7, 2012

PHILADELPHIA –- At the seven University of Pennsylvania polling places where many Penn students voted in yesterday’s presidential election, the clear winner was President Obama. 

The margin was 2,844 votes, or 79 percent, for Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden and 746 votes, or 21 percent, for Mitt Romney and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan. 

The breakdown by location:

• Penn Center for Rehabilitation and Care, residents of Kings Court English College House, Sansom Place East and Sansom Place West: 592 for Obama-Biden, 182 for Romney-Ryan.

• Vance Hall, residents of Rodin and DuBois College houses: 337 for Obama-Biden, 87 for Romney-Ryan.

• Hill College House, residents of Hill: 348 for Obama-Biden, 100 for Romney-Ryan.

• Harrison College House, residents of Harrison and Gregory College houses: 333 for Obama-Biden, 57 for Romney-Ryan.

• Harnwell College House, residents of Harnwell and of Mayer Hall in Stouffer College House: 271 for Obama-Biden, 54 for Romney-Ryan.

• Houston Hall Reading Room, residents of the Quad and of Stouffer Hall in Stouffer College House: 718 for Obama-Biden, 231 for Romney-Ryan.

• Civic House, residents of the Woodland Terrace neighborhood: 245 for Obama-Biden, 35 for Romney-Ryan.

Photos of Penn President Amy Gutmann voting at Vance Hall: