Penn Seen as Most Diverse and Gay-Friendly in Newsweek-Kaplan’s First College Rankings

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Media Contact:Julie McWilliams | | 215-898-1422July 12, 2011


PHILADELPHIA –- In a new set of collegiate rankings, the first by Newsweek-Kaplan, the University of Pennsylvania was named most diverse and gay-friendliest.

Penn was ranked among the top 25 schools nationally on five other Newsweek-Kaplan lists.

  • Most desirable large schools, 2nd
  • Best schools for power brokers, 6th
  • Most desirable urban schools, 8th
  • Most desirable schools overall, 13th
  • Brainiac schools, 18th

In addition, Penn was one of two schools -- the other is Yale -- that students describe as “least strict,” where student safety is paramount but discipline for minor infractions is less severe.  By contrast, Grove City College and Fashion Institute of Technology in New York were reported as "most strict." 

Newsweek-Kaplan says it has tried to cover all aspects of the undergraduate experience: academics, social life, location, school size and even climate.   

Given its size, location and academic nature, Penn was not included in other categories that ranked small schools, suburban schools, rural schools, schools in warmer climates and those more committed to sports.