Penn Public Safety Leader Unanimously Elected President of Philadelphia Police Foundation

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Media Contact:Jill DiSanto | | 215-898-4820October 2, 2012

PHILADELPHIA –- Maureen Rush, the vice president of public safety at the University of Pennsylvania, has been chosen as the Philadelphia Police Foundation’s first female president.  The vote was unanimous.

After six years as a member of the foundation and 18-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department, Rush has a long history as a pioneer in trailblazing opportunities for women in law enforcement. 

With a nearly 40-year-career, she was one of the first 100 women hired as Philadelphia police officers to serve on the street patrols in 1976.  Twenty years later, she earned the title of first female chief in the Penn Police Department.

In 2000, Rush became the vice president for public safety, where she oversees seven departments within Penn’s Division of Public Safety.

The Philadelphia Police Foundation is a non-profit organization that support’s Philadelphia’s Police Department by funding projects that fall outside the scope of the city’s budget, such as bicycles, training, ballistic vests and Segways.

“This is a wonderful match for what I do with helping Philadelphia police,” Rush said.  “Overall, what we’re trying to make is a safer Philadelphia.  We hope people want to help us make Philadelphia the safest city in America.”