Message About the Devastation in Japan

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Media Contact: | | March 14, 2011

Message from the President:

The Penn community is tremendously grateful that all students, faculty and staff who were in Japan during the earthquake and tsunami are reported to be safe, uninjured and making their way back to campus. Now, our attention must turn to how we can help the Japanese people recover from this tragic event.

We are just beginning to understand the magnitude of damage and human loss caused by the largest earthquake in Japan’s history and the tsunami that it triggered. As the scope of the widespread devastation becomes increasingly clear, I know the Penn community will galvanize to help the tens of thousands who are suffering.

We have established a resource page where you can find a list of organizations providing relief to those effected by the catastrophe.

Penn has a long history of providing swift and effective service to those in need. We will keep you informed of any on-campus efforts to aid the good people of Japan. 

Amy Gutmann