MAGPI, Penn’s Internet2 Connector, Brings Together Students From Around the Globe Helping Haiti

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Media Contact:Julie McWilliams | | 215-898-1422February 16, 2010

PHILADELPHIA –- High school students from around the world will give live presentations on their local service or tribute projects to benefit Haiti earthquake victims during an international Webcast called “The Crisis in Haiti: What Can YOU Do to Help?”

The program will be Webcast from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Friday, Feb. 19, using high-speed Internet-based videoconferencing made possible through the MAGPI Internet 2 network, part of the Division of Information Systems and Computing at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as research and education networks worldwide.

This three-hour service-learning-based event will focus on what youth around the world are doing to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake. The presentations, ranging from musical performances to student-created videos and more, will come from across the country and from Portugal and Taiwan.

The program will also feature agency representatives and researchers from global and local organizations including:

· The World Food Program on its response to the crisis in Haiti.

· Scientists from the Exploratorium Science Center in San Francisco, who will explain “The Big Picture” on the geology of Haiti that contributed to the catastrophic event.

· Representatives from the aid group Oxfam on their efforts to rebuild.

· A local scientist from the Philadelphia Global Water Initiative on the water and sanitation challenges.

· A researcher at Penn’s Center for High-Impact Philanthropy speaking on smart and philanthropic ways to help Haiti’s earthquake victims.

Schools and students watching the live Webcast are encouraged to interact through social-media platforms outlined on the project Website, facilitating a global youth response to this crisis.

The public can view the event via a live Webstream available at