Penn Nursing’s Community Champions Engage to Improve Health

An initiative, begun by Nursing’s Terri Lipman and run by seniors Chantal Low and Sophie Mintz, both of New York City, engages Philadelphians to improve their health.

Penn President’s Engagement Prize Launches Effort to Empower Ghanaian Girls

The University of Pennsylvania President’s Engagement Prize gave Penn graduate Shadrack Frimpong the opportunity to fulfill a dream he had been imagining for years: opening a clinic and school for girls in his

New Breast Cancer Drug May be Effective against Other Types of Cancer, Abramson Cancer Center Experts Find

Palbociclib, in combination with other therapies, has potentially powerful effect.

Penn-led Team Reprograms Social Behavior in Carpenter Ants Using Epigenetic Drugs

In a new study published today in Science, a multi-institution team anchored at University of Pennsylvania found that these caste-specific behaviors are not set in stone. Rather, this pioneering study shows that social behavior can be reprogrammed, indicating that an individual’s epigenetic, not genetic, makeup determines behavior in ant colonies.



  • Diving Deep for Alternative Energy

    The coral reefs under the tiny island nation of Palau are a laboratory unlike anywhere else on the planet, housing creatures with traits that rival the best of human ingenuity.

  • A Bash Between Friends

    The Best Friends Bash brings together patients from CHOP with craniofacial differences and dogs from Penn Vet with similar conditions. Nurses, doctors, and family members are also invited to attend the celebratory event.

  • President's Engagement Prize-Winners Launch Social Impact Projects

    Though they graduated mere weeks ago, five members of Penn’s Class of 2015 have already begun projects destined to make a profound impact on individuals and communities around the world, with support from the President’s Engagement Prizes.

  • A Visit to the Ryan Veterinary Hospital

    A Visit to the Ryan Veterinary Hospital

    At Ryan Veterinary Hospital, the highest levels of medical expertise are matched by deeply human compassion and a recognition of the special bond people have with their animal companions.

  • Helping Pets, Helping People

    Helping Pets, Helping People

    A partnership between Penn Vet’s Shelter Animal Medicine program and Pets for Life enhances the education of veterinary students while providing animals in underserved communities with the care they need—but their owners may not be able to afford.

  • PIK Professor Shelley L. Berger: Revolutionizing Genetic Research

    PIK Professor Shelley L. Berger: Revolutionizing Genetic Research

    A leader in the rapidly changing field of epigenetics, Shelley L. Berger has built a world-class epigenetics program at Penn that she says is distinguished by the diverse and relevant expertise of the science faculty associated with it.

  • Students Glean Insights from an Ancient Skeleton at the Penn Museum

    Students Glean Insights from an Ancient Skeleton at the Penn Museum

    Penn students in the course, Living World in Archaeological Science, offered in the Penn Museum’s Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials (CAAM), have learned about scientific analysis of skeletal rem…

  • PIK Prof Rakesh Vohra: An Interdisciplinary Innovator

    PIK Professor Rakesh Vohra: An Interdisciplinary Innovator

    Drawing from the seemingly disparate fields of economics, electrical engineering, and computer science, Rakesh Vohra’s work requires the support of an institution resolutely committed to interdisciplinary research—a level of commitment he says few institutions beyond Penn have.

  • Penn Team Pilots Sweet Bites in Bangalore

    Penn Team Pilots Sweet Bites in Bangalore

    Last March, an interdisciplinary team of Penn undergraduate students beat out 11,000 applicants worldwide to be named one of six regional winners of the Hult Prize, a $1 million challenge inviting university students to create a start-up addressing global issues.

Penn in the news

Lead Poisoning in Pa., N.J. May Be Worse Than Flint February 5, 2016 | Philly.com

Marilyn Howarth of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on lead poisoning in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey region.

Circadian Clock and Aging February 3, 2016 | The-Scientist.com

Garrett FitzGerald of the Perelman School of Medicine is quoted about studying the role of the internal clock in human disease.

How Wing Bowl Contestants Eat 20 Pounds of Chicken in 30 Minutes February 4, 2016 | PhillyVoice.com

Marc Levine of the Perelman School of Medicine is quoted about how speed eaters manage to eat as much as they do and how quickly.

Animal Planet Greenlights Series on Penn Vet School February 3, 2016 | Philly.com

A new docu-series called Penn Vet on the Animal Planet television network will focus on Ryan Hospital and New Bolton Center.

The U.S. Is Running Out of Nurses February 3, 2016 | Atlantic

Julie Sochalski of the School of Nursing says, “The aging population and chronic disease are creating the perfect storm driving demand for nurses.”