Integrated Studies at Penn

This fall, Penn launched a new undergraduate program in Integrated Studies. The program is designed around the idea that no single discipline or perspective can be applied to complex problems; instead, students tackle problems using multiple disciplines and approaches.

Designed for freshmen who have been accepted as Benjamin Franklin Scholars (BFS), the new Integrated Studies Program (ISP) provides these students a rich and multifaceted introduction to a liberal arts education. As part of the program, three professors from the College—one from humanities, one from social sciences and one from science—will teach a single course focusing on one of the big themes from different perspectives. For example, a physicist might teach about the shape of the universe, while an English professor lectures on Milton’s “Paradise Lost” and the cosmos in that work, and a political scientist teaches about the importance of understanding the larger world when considering political events.

Text by University Communications
Video by Kurtis Sensenig