Wall Street Journal Sale to Rupert Murdoch

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Dr. Michael X. Delli Carpini

Dean, Annenberg School for Communication

University of Pennsylvania

Expert in:

* The extent, sources and impact of public deliberation in the United States

* The causes and consequences of the blurring between news and entertainment in the United States

* Generational differences in civic and political participation

* The impact of new media on democratic community

* Political knowledge and democratic engagement


"The continued centralization of the news media into the hands of fewer and fewer mega-corporations has been an ongoing concern over last two decades, a concern driven by fears of the loss of diverse opinions, the blurring of profit and public interest motives, and the eroding of independent journalism.  These fears are legitimately exacerbated when the media outlet in question - The Wall Street Journal - is of such a high journalistic caliber and the corporation and its chairman - News Corp. and Rupert Murdoch - have a reputation for doing these very things."