Verdict in the Fort Dix Terror Plot Case

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Note for TV and radio: The University of Pennsylvania has a satellite uplink facility with live-shot capability and an ISDN line.

Dr. Ian Lustick
Professor of Political Science
University of Pennsylvania

• Author of “Trapped in the War on Terror”

• Affiliated faculty member at Penn’s Middle East Center

• Consultant on Middle East affairs and national security for every administration since President Carter's

"Ever since 9/11, national, state and local authorities have tried with enormous resources to find, prosecute, and punish Muslim terrorists inside the United States. The result has been an increasingly embarrassing string of trumped-up charges that trigger much War on Terror warrior chest-pounding, and screaming, terrifying headlines for weeks following the arrests and indictments. Then, months or even years later, when evidence is put before juries and the public, we find that the real ‘perpetrators’ were the paid government informants, seeking profit by inciting and enabling cheap talk and any acts they can produce by gullible, emotional and foolish suckers. The standard for prosecution has not, and is not, whether terrorist acts have been committed, or whether they are likely to be committed, but whether the government will be able to defeat the inevitable ‘entrapment’ defense that will be used against the charges. This is a familiar script, and we see it again in the Fort Dix case."