U.S.-Russian Relations

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Dr. Rudra Sil, associate professor of political science at Penn


Author of "Managing Modernity: "Work, Community and Authority in Late Industrializing Japan and Russia.

Currently writing another book analyzing the transformation of labor politics and industrial relations in Russia, China and Eastern Europe.

Teaches courses on Russian politics, political change in the "Third World," and the "New World Order" and its critics.


"The recent rift between the U.S. and Russia is not so much about the return to the Cold War as about the unmasking of traditional realpolitik that had always been there, though buried under the surface of the turbulent transition of the 1990s. The US and NATO, and especially a self-proclaimed realist such as Condi Rice, should have anticipated that an anti-missile defense system so close to Russia's borders would not go without some sort of response, especially at a time when the Kremlin, as well as ordinary Russians, are generally beginning to feel more optimistic and secure about their future and their standing in the international community."