Trial of Former Liberian President Charles Taylor

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Sarah Paoletti
Clinical Supervisor and Lecturer
Transnational Legal Clinic
University of Pennsylvania Law School

• Has worked with the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
• Expertise includes international criminal justice, war-crimes prosecution for Sierra Leone, international human-rights law, transitional justice and mechanisms for prosecuting human-rights and humanitarian-law violations in special courts, international courts and domestic courts, including prosecution of Chuckie Taylor, Charles Taylor’s son, in U.S. federal court in Miami.

“The prosecution of Charles Taylor and his defense is an important test for the Special Court for Sierra Leone and is an important benchmark in the development of international criminal law, international human-rights law, international humanitarian law and an assessment of the international justice systems created to apply those legal standards.

“The people of Liberia also will be watching closely, as his defense begins shortly after the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission issued its final report in which it recommends the establishment of an Extraordinary Criminal Court for Liberia and lists Charles Taylor as the first individual to be prosecuted for crimes committed as leader of the warring faction, the NPFL.”