Rwandan Military Official's Conviction for Genocide

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William Burke-White
Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania

Served as Special Rapporteur/Advisor to the Government of Rwanda in drafting its new constitution
Researches, teaches and writes about international law, human rights and international courts and tribunals.

“The conviction demonstrates that even high level governmental officials involved in the genocide will not escape justice and that the Tribunal is gradually making its way up the chain of command, holding more senior officials responsible for the 800,000 deaths during the Rwandan genocide.”

“The case shows that justice from the Rwanda Tribunal is extremely slow. The case took more than six years to complete. Going forward, particularly given the UN mandate to bring an end to the work of the Rwanda Tribunal, the Court will have to operate more quickly and will have to rethink its commitment to providing the kind of exhaustive justice, truth finding, and historical record writing that have marked its proceedings thus far. Procedural innovations and greater reliance on and cooperation with national judicial institutions will be necessary if the Rwanda Tribunal is to meet its goals of completing its case work early in the next decade.”