Protect America Act

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Dr. Matt Blaze
Associate Professor of Computer and Information Science
University of Pennsylvania


• Co-author of “Risking Communications Security: Potential Hazards of the Protect America Act,” published in the January/February 2008 issue of IEEE Security and Privacy
• Nationally recognized expert in the architecture and design of secure systems based on cryptographic techniques, analysis of secure systems against practical attack models, and on finding new cryptographic primitives and techniques
• Frequent government expert tasked with testing government encryption and Internet wiretap systems
• Recent investigator of Ohio’s electronic voting system


“The public debate on surveillance has focused on the legal, political and social aspect of the issue, such as whether phone companies should be immune from liability for turning over call records to the government. But there are serious technical risks to deploying the large scale wiretapping infrastructure envisioned by the Protect America Act, which should worry everyone concerned about national security, regardless of political ideology.”

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