Pennsylvania Voter ID Law

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Dr. Diana C. Mutz

Professor of Communication and Political Science

University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Mutz testified during the trial, calling Pennsylvania’s “Show It” promotional advertisements confusing. In her testimony, she analyzed the state’s communication efforts to explain the law.

Quote: “Today’s decision is based on the judge’s conclusion that the state did not adequately inform the public about how to obtain a voter ID if they did not already have one, and did not make it easily accessible.”

         Media contact:

         Joseph J. Diorio, 215-746-1798 or


Dr. Rogers Smith

Professor of Political Science

University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Smith is an expert on constitutional law and has written on the Voting Rights Act and American racial politics.

Quote: “The political science research on the surge of new voting laws in the 2000s, including new requirements for voter IDs, finds strong evidence that it is driven by partisan concerns about the rising numbers of non-white voters who overwhelmingly favor Democrats over Republicans.”

            Media contact:

            Jacquie Posey, 215-898-6460 or