Pennsylvania Republicans' Electoral College Plan

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            Dr. Jack Nagel
            Professor Emeritus of Political Science

            University of Pennsylvania



·      Dr. Nagel’s research focuses on elections, political participation and voting theory, specializing in electoral systems.


·      He is author of many papers, including articles in the American Political Science Review, British Journal of Political Science and Journal of Politics.  He is currently working on a paper titled “Refuting Three Myths About the Electoral College.”  He has testified before the Pennsylvania legislature about the National Popular Vote plan for reforming the Electoral College. 



            A proposal by Republican legislative leaders to switch the method of choosing Pennsylvania's presidential electors from winner-take-all to the district plan used by Maine and Nebraska is a superficially ‘fair’ idea that actually would work even worse than the present system -- and there is a realistic alternative available that could move the U.S. to direct elections without a constitutional amendment.”