Obama and Women Who Voted for Hillary Clinton

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Note for TV and radio: The University of Pennsylvania has a satellite uplink facility with live-shot capability and an ISDN line.

Dr. Salamishah Tillet
Assistant Professor of English
University of Pennsylvania

• Authored essay “Obama and the ‘Women Question’” posted June 5 on The Root, http://www.theroot.com/id/46751, a daily, online magazine published by WashingtonPost-Newsweek Interactive.

• Co-founder of A Long Walk Home Inc., a non-profit organization which uses art therapy and the visual and performing arts to document and end violence against underserved women and children.

• Studies 19th and 20th-century African-American literature, with an interest in contemporary African-American representations of antebellum slavery.

“Much like his speech on race, I would like Obama to talk about gender
and gender inequity as fundamental tenets of his campaign. He needs to spotlight his Equal Pay Act, speak more fervently about gender hate crimes and his commitment to boosting the Justice Department's Office on Violence Against Women, and he should continue to reach out to second and third wave feminists of all colors.

“For the general election, Obama should pledge to launch an effort to study the intersections of class, gender and race. And he should promise to have a cabinet that reflects the racial, gender and sexual diversity of the United States. He could be the president who begins the eradication of race privilege and male privilege.”