New Data on Poverty

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Dr. Roberta Iversen
Associate Professor, School of Social Policy & Practice
University of Pennsylvania


  • Nationally recognized expert on poverty, low-income families, the minimum wage, wage disparities and the impact of job losses.
  • In her most recent study of the U.S. and Canada, Dr. Iversen examined how the recession has affected middle-income families and found that lots of job changes and unemployment have forced formerly solidly middle-class families into a severe economic crisis.
  • Housing policies in Milwaukee and work-force-development programs and policy in New Orleans, Seattle, St. Louis and Philadelphia have been improved by Dr. Iversen’s research findings.
  • Author of “Jobs Aren’t Enough: Toward a New Economic Mobility for Low-Income Families,” in which she studied low-income families on the brink of poverty in five major U.S. cities.  She concluded that nearly 25% of Americans who have two full-time working parents in the household do not earn enough to support their families.
  • Her research illuminates what low-income working parents need from secondary schools, job training organizations, businesses, their children’s public schools and public policy in order to earn enough to support their families through work.



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