Melissa Rogers White House Appointment

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Statement by John DiIulio Regarding the Appointment of Melissa Rogers as Director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships (WHOFBP)

"With a brilliant mind and a big civic heart, Melissa Rogers has studied and worked on faith-based and neighborhood partnerships for many years.  More than a decade ago, she moderated the event at which the White House released its first report on faith-based initiatives.  In recent years, she has led the White House council on faith-based issues.  Under her leadership, I would expect that ongoing efforts to expand participation in summer food and nutrition programs, and myriad other such worthy initiatives, will continue.  Bringing people with diverse or opposing views on church-state issues together to understand and support constitutionally sound community-serving partnerships is difficult, but she has done so in the past, and I am confident that she will succeed in doing so as the White House director."

John DiIulio

Professor, University of Pennsylvania

First Director, White House Office of Faith-Base and Community Initiatives