Immigration Reform and the U.S.-Mexico Border Wall

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    Dr. Margaret Dorsey
    Visiting Scholar, Anthropology
    University of Pennsylvania

    “It is true that many residents of South Texas are against the border wall.  It is wrong, however, to think that South Texans are against border security, are misguided by ‘multiculturalism’ and are not proud citizens of the U.S.  Our survey of South Texas residents shows that, while there is wide opposition to the border wall, there is also strong support of the border patrol.  We are in the middle of analyzing [the data], but in response to our question ‘Are you for or against the construction of the border wall in South Texas?” an overwhelming majority of respondents, 60 percent, were against it.”

•    Expert on minority politics and immigration
•    Currently conducting fieldwork at the U.S.-Mexico border, studying increased hostility and violence as well as analyzing local media representations of the immigration debate.
•    Currently authoring the blog “A Nation Divided: the Border Wall, Immigration and Citizenship on the U.S. Mexico Border,”
•    Author of the new book “Pachangas: Borderlands Music, U.S. Politics and Transnational Marketing”