Homeless Veterans

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Note for TV and radio: The University of Pennsylvania has an on-campus ISDN line and an on-campus satellite uplink facility with live-shot capability.



Dr. Dennis Culhane
Professor, School of Social Policy & Practice
University of Pennsylvania



  • Dr. Culhane serves as the director of research for the National Center on Homelessness Among Veterans of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • As a nationally recognized expert on homelessness and housing policy, Dr. Culhane can discuss the most effective policies and programs to assist veterans with housing needs and how these programs and policies have contributed to the decline in the number of homeless veterans across the U.S.
  • He has worked with the City of New York to attend to its homeless issues and illustrate how the lack of affordable housing can lead to homelessness.  His research has been instrumental in a national shift in how society addresses homelessness.


“Despite the fact that the economy is as bad as it has been, we are absolutely working in the right direction.  The VA Supported Housing Program and the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program have been very successful at helping homeless veterans. The Congress, as partisan as it may be on many issues, has shown itself to be united in this priority.  They’ve made a very clear, bipartisan commitment to making sure that military members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan do not become homeless and that veterans are not living on the street.”